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As a consequence the extent of the resultant signal will increase by almost n occasions. However, multiplexed reflected indicators seem discretely and hence are hardly added. As a end result, the unique mirrored ultrasound signal components of the composite sign turn out to be sufficiently larger than the multiplex reflected signal components, as proven in FIG. The processing of the navigation processing unit a hundred and ten advances from step Sb4, step Sb5, or step Sb6 to step Sb7. In step Sb7, the navigation processing unit one hundred ten compares the time TR with the time TL.

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This ultrasound diagnostic apparatus includes a main unit 800 and ultrasound probe 200. A storage medium 707 is offered with a reference database 707 d and previous acquired data database 707 e. According to the sixth embodiment, the identical results as these of the fifth embodiment could be achieved.

Second Embodiment The operation of the ultrasound diagnostic equipment in accordance with the second embodiment might be described below. 9, navigation could also be performed to match the respective occasions TR, TM, and TL with the reference time Tref irrelevant to the focus time TF. At this time, though the reference time Tref may be arbitrarily set, any one of many instances TR, TM, and TL measured at first or a time predetermined for each of the ultrasound probes 200 could additionally be used. The navigation processing unit one hundred ten modifications the colors of the arrows A5 and A6 in accordance with the variable NFD. More particularly, if the variable NFD is “−1”, the navigation processing unit a hundred and ten modifications the color of the arrow A5 as indicated by the hatching in FIG.

The navigation window information is output to an external system by way of the interface unit 108 and connector 102 or output to the display processing unit 109. That is, the control unit 1011 analyzes the reflected ultrasound alerts on the basis of the measured data saved in the storage medium 1007, and obtains the function values of the mirrored ultrasound signals for every channel. As feature values, amplitude values, center frequency values, frequency band values, group delay time values, and the like are conceivable. In this embodiment, these amplitudes, middle frequencies, frequency bands, and group delays are obtained. In step Sd3, the control unit 1011 shops amplitude data, center frequency data, frequency band knowledge, and group delay knowledge representing the respective values obtained in the above method in the storage medium 1007. The management unit 810 systematically controls the respective units of the primary unit 800 to understand operation for the prognosis of the ultrasound probe 200.

This makes it potential to minimize the time comparable to the n periods. As a consequence, the ultrasound probe 200 could be effectively and rapidly identified. The transmitting unit 404 transmits excitation indicators for thrilling ultrasound transducing parts 202 a. The transmitting unit 404 can transmit excitation alerts for the respective ultrasound transducing elements 202 a in parallel. The receiving unit 405 receives the alerts acquired by the ultrasound transducing parts 202 a. The receiving unit 405 can obtain the signals obtained by the respective ultrasound transducing components 202 a in parallel.

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Conditions for diagnosis of an ultrasound probe 200 are set in the same method as described in the second embodiment. A control unit 410 operates in the identical method as in the second embodiment as a lot as the acquisition of focus data. 13, a navigation window could also be designed such that arrows A11 and A12 for navigation are displayed whereas being superimposed on images respectively indicating the waveforms of mirrored ultrasound signals obtained by way of the channels CHR, CHM, and CHL. A navigation window may be designed to display a character message as proven in FIG. Alternatively, the navigation processing unit 110 might generate sound info for outputting the above character message within the type of sound.

In the principle unit seven hundred of the seventh embodiment having the above association, weighting knowledge are sent from the reference database 707 c to the weighting units 710 i, 710 j, 710 k, 710 m, 710 n, and 710 p under the management of a control unit 711. The control unit 711 causes the probe-specific reference databases 772 to output weighting information in accordance with the types of ultrasound probes 200. The medical diagnosing unit 712 also consists of an imaging management unit 712 a, image producing unit 712 b, memory unit 712 c, and show unit 712 d. The imaging control unit 712 a controls the transmitting unit 704, receiving unit 705, and picture producing unit 712 b in order to perform correct imaging processing in accordance with analysis contents or the like.

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